July 24, 2017

Vision. Values. Mission

Aspilos Foundation is a youth focused not-for-profit enterprise working to eradicate poverty in Africa. We do this by:

  1. Providing innovative and sustainable pathways to economic empowerment for young people
  2. Improving societal systems by ensuring good governance as a result of increased citizen participation

Via all our activities, we school & stimulate individuals so they can go on to shape an equal and poverty free country and continent for us all



AF Vision (Our Why)

Our vision/destination is an Africa of young active citizens maximising opportunities to foster economic progress thereby giving rise to a poverty free continent.


AF Core Values  (Our How)

  1. We learn non-stop: We embody kaizen, we are continuously becoming better versions of ourselves. We always look for better, faster and out-of-the-box ways to get things done. We do not believe there is anything as a status quo.
  2. We remain loyal. We stick to our purpose and our people in the good and bad times. Loyalty means a lot to us
  3. We demonstrate good leadership all the time: In a continent that is sorely lacking leadership, we are a breath of fresh air.
  4. We are happy people who enjoy having fun: The work we do can get pretty intense so we try to have some fun while doing it. We work hard and play hard.
  5. We take responsibility for ourselves and our society: We take ownership of our own behaviours. Making the world better is not somebody’s job, it is our job.
  6. We always do the right thing: Our actions are consistent no matter where we are, who is watching and how we are feeling.
  7. We believe in the equal value of every human being no matter their gender, race, location or any other characteristic.


AF Mission (Our Why)

Our mission is to implement sustainable programmes that:

  1. Develop the capacity of young women for increased wealth creation
  2. Advocate for educational policies that engender sustainable livelihoods
  3. Foster the development of young people into active and responsible citizens
  4. Advocate for the involvement of women and young people in governance