July 24, 2017

Vision and Mission

AF Vision (What we see)

We envision an Africa of young active citizens maximising opportunities to foster economic progress thereby giving rise to a poverty free continent.

AF Mission (What we do)

Our mission is to implement sustainable programmes that:

  1. Develop the capacity of young women for increased wealth creation
  2. Advocate for educational policies that engender sustainable livelihoods
  3. Foster the development of young people into active and responsible citizens
  4. Advocate for the involvement of women and young people in governance

 AF Core Values

Our conduct in Aspilos Foundation is guided by the following core values:

  1. Empowerment: Give people the necessary skills that put them on the path to actualising their dreams.
  2. Kaizen: We are not static. We are continuously and constantly learning and improving.
  3. Responsibility: We have a very high sense of responsibility for the society around us. We help amplify the voices of members of our society.
  4. Gender equality: We believe in the equal value of all humans and work to see that both genders receive opportunities that are equitable.
  5. Technology: We love technology and infuse it into all that we do.
  6. Leadership: We work in a region with a leadership crisis so we have put the onus on ourselves to at all times demonstrate good leadership.