Economic empowerment

Labour Markets and Income Gender Inequality

On August 14, 2020, the Nigerian National Statistical Agency i.e. the National Bureau of Statistics released the unemployment figures for Q2 2020. One of the things that the report shows is how unfavorable the labour market is to women.     Q3 2018  Q2 2020    All  Women  Men  All  Women   Men  Working age population  115,493,000  Unavailable  Unavailable  116,871,186  60,271,076 (51.6%)  56,600,161  Labour force  90,470,592  40,694,182 (44.9%)  49,776,409  …

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Economic Reforms, Women’s Employment and Social Policies 

Here’s a scenario you’ve probably heard before. Imagine a football coach with 11 starting players, 5 of them look alike and the other 6 look alike. They all have the required skills to play the game but the coach decides to use only the 1st 5 just because the other 6 are different. That coach is definitely going …

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