July 24, 2017


We have four main projects in our 5 year strategy plan. These projects will be run until 2023 when we will phase into our next strategic tangents.

  1. AboCoders – Empowering young women with full stack programming skills. Our goal here is to increase the employability and earning power of 3750 young women across 5 states in Nigeria by 2023 training them on software development.


2. Citizens’ Platform – Changing the face of governance in Nigeria by advancing citizen engagement and participation. Our goal with this project is to increase active citizenship by 40% in 100-200 young people in every local government across 10 states by 2023.

3. Dukiya – Dukiya is a grassroots focused accelerator programme designed to empower youth lede small business es Our goal here is to improve by 30%, the earning ability of 480 small business owners by 2022 by providing essential business skills training, network and funding opportunities.

4. Project Plirise – This is a fellowship programme designed to increase political intelligence in women and further women led policy advocacy.