Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act – 1

We hope you’ve learnt something from our previous policy breakdowns. The news is rife with updates of someone killing or maiming their spouse, a scorned lover pouring acid on an ex-lover, a person being forcefully taken away from their family and more. So this week, we’re exploring what is popularly known as the VAPP Act which was […]

Federal Character – What Exactly Is It?

Nigeria was not always Nigeria, it used to be different and independent kingdoms. These were brought together to form a federation by the British. The nature of the independent kingdoms has somewhat persisted and have compelled citizens to be ethnic conscious, giving their loyalty to their regions first rather than the nation. Nigeria’s population is estimated […]

Bills 101: Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018 (1)

In this episode and the next, we’ll be breaking down the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018. A lot of us discriminate daily against Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) knowingly or unknowingly. They are excluded from things that those without disability do not even give a second thought to. You just have to take a […]

Bills 101: The Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), 2011 – (1)

The government is not doing well. The government does not tell us what they do with our taxes. These and more are what a lot of Nigerians say. Today, we’re asking them, are you asking? Are you asking the right questions and are you asking them from the right people? The FoIA is a tool […]