Our overall goal for this project is to improve by 30%, the earning ability of 480 female small business owners across four states in Northern Nigeria by 2022 by providing essential business skills training. We will work with 12 cohorts of 30 women between now and 2022.

Project 30-30-30 is a livelihoods programme aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs. The project is designed to work with 30 female entrepreneurs in the space of 30 days so that their income base can be increased by 30%. Its objective is to empower the target beneficiaries with relevant skills and knowledge that will increase their income base and flow and ensure that their businesses are sustainable.

The Project 30-30-30 is broadly divided into a training phase, an idea and strategy crowd sourcing phase and an implementation phase. The training phase will cover the following modules which will be facilitated by seasoned experts:

  1. Digital literacy, technology tools for small businesses and digital marketing
  2. Financial literacy & personal finance management
  3. Bookkeeping and basic accounting
  4. Customer care and Business development

Our Cohort 1 is in session right now and will be completing their programme in the first week of April, 2018. We will be sharing updates on this project on our blog regularly.