If you are the kind of person that does not believe in status quos, is willing to plunge into what is often a thankless but deeply gratifying journey and who is not looking for a perfect organisation to work with,  you should read further.


About Aspilos Foundation

Aspilos Foundation is a small team with a big vision and huge ambitions. We pour all of ourselves: our large hearts, unwavering passions, quick minds and excellent ways into making the world a better place. We are all about beating poverty in Nigeria and Africa.

We want to school and stimulate young Nigerians so they can shape an equal and poverty free country and continent. This is why our vision/destination is an Africa of young active citizens maximising opportunities to foster economic progress thereby giving rise to a poverty free continent.


What’s the Job?

We are recruiting for various positions, each of which we are looking to fill with either a volunteer or an intern. Working as a volunteer or intern in the role may lead to a full time position with us. Below is more information on the vacancies. Please note the names of each role were deliberately crafted and they mean exactly what they say.

  1. Value Delivery Specialist: The job of the VDS is to ensure that our process, people and other resources are delivering value as expected. The VDS is:
    • Our ‘taskmaster’: You must be the sort of person that can break down a project into the million minute tasks involved and be able to keep everyone on the job.
    • Our e-operations coordinator: Here you’ll be responsible for managing the IT needs and infrastructure of the team. Basically involves being an admin for our Office 365 and Slack platforms. You will also have to do some hardware troubleshooting
    • Our office manager: We just need you to ensure that our offices are always conducive for work.
  2. Numbers Specialist: We need an accountant who truly loves numbers and is a procedural person. You’ll be responsible for helping the books makes sense to us and our stakeholders as well as managing the financial process.
  3. Happiness Engineer: We have decided to consciously make our team a fun & happy one and to make our space happy. We therefore need someone to engineer activities, events, concept etc. to help with team bonding and to maintain our desired happiness levels. We need this person to have the ability to work with a zero budget as well as a limitless one.
  4. Vision Realisation Specialist: The VRS has the job of translating the vision of Aspilos into reality by designing, planning, implementing and monitoring our various projects. Our VRSs work across all the projects we have but have one project to which they commit the greater percentage of their time. We are looking for more than one VRS and we need one person who is a software developer or wants to be one.


Who should apply?

We value the different and unique perspectives that everyone brings our team, we are not trying to clone ourselves over and over. You must however be empathetic, loyal, curious, open to learning and happy to contribute to the growth of the team. You  must be a self-motivated person who is patient and loves solving problems.

We are not necessarily looking for people who are already experts in the roles needed, we do not mind teaching you and helping you become an expert on the job so do not let your skill level discourage you from applying. Read our playbook to find out more about what we are like. If what you read in there resonates with you, then you should apply.


Before You Apply

  • Ensure you read our playbook
  • Take a personality test here. Remember to save the link of your result.
  • Look at the images in the links below and identify which quadrant/colour you fall into.


How To Apply

To apply, fill out this application form. All the best! We look forward to receiving your application.

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  1. To Admin manager.
    Through HR

    Good morning Sir,
    I humbly wish to apply for employment in your organization, I am a Higher National Diploma graduate of hospitality management from federal Polytechnic Idah kogi state, my name is Prince Ofoegbu and I hail from umuduru in isiala mbano Local Government of Imo state.
    I am quite optimistic that my theoretical experience so far in school, computer knowledge, driving skill plus my 4 years working experience at synapse services in Abuja, would be of an additional advantage to me,if I am offered the opportunity to work.
    I have attached my resume with this mail please find the attached resume for more details
    Thanks in anticipation as I look forward to be called up for an interview soon..
    Yours faithfully
    Prince Ofoegbu

  2. Thanks for the importance notify me I really appreciate your efforts on educating people

  3. Well I’m interested in being part of changing the feature,please how do i apply to be a volunteer, I live in Borno state,maiduguri.. Thanks expect your reply…

  4. Thank you for this opportunity. I got the information late and was almost through with my application when the site closed few minutes ago. I humbly ask that you please extend the deadline even if it for a day. Thanks

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