Citizens’ Platform (4): Voting 101 – Replacing Lost or Damaged Voters’ Cards

Have you lost or damaged your PVC? 2019 is just next year, let us get that card in your hand yesterday. That is what we will focus on for Episode 4 of our Voting 101 series. Check out EP 3 which was about transferring your voting rights.

A valid voter’s register with each voter having a voter’s card is a must to ensure that elections are free and fair. You must possess a voter’s card if you are going to be accredited and allowed to vote during an election. The card identifies the voter, thus the your name can be checked easily by the Presiding Officer or the Assistant. This is why you must have your card and it must be in good condition when that day comes.

If you lose or damage the card such that details such as your VIN cannot be seen, fear not, the Independent National Electoral Commission can replace it. Here is what you have to do to get your card and your power back.

  1. Apply in person to the Electoral Officer or any other officer duly authorized for that purpose by the Resident Electoral Commissioner.
  2. Please do not do this too late as you must apply at least 30 days before an election. Knowing how our systems work currently, we advise that you do it 3 months at least before an election.
  3. In your letter of application, state the circumstances of the loss or damage done to the card. It should also contain your Voter Identification Number (VIN).
  4. Then, you will be issued with another copy of your original voters card. The word “DUPLICATE” will be marked or printed on it clearly. The date of issue will also be printed on the new voter’s card.

If you can’t remember your Voters Identification Number (VIN), all hope is not lost. As far as your remember your date of birth, you can retrieve your VIN from the INEC website.

Till the next episode, remember to be the kind of Nigerian that Nigeria needs right now.


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