Aspilos Foundation

In unity, lifting the world.

We’re a youth-led non-profit using technology & digital inclusion to drive economic growth and good governance in Nigeria and Africa.

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Our Vision

Our vision/destination is an Africa of young active citizens maximising opportunities to foster economic progress thereby giving rise to a poverty free continent.

Our Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) Focus

Bridging the digital gender gap by including and introducing more women to the STEM field through our AboCoders digital capacity building programme.


Equipped  youths with core life skills relevant for the future of jobs and transition from education to employment or entrepreneurship, through partnership with The Next Economy. 

Promoted good governance and fight against corruption. Raised the capacity of  beneficiaries to become active citizens with our Emerging Citizens programme.


Brands that believe
in our vision

Our Impact Projects

Via all our activities, we school and stimulate individuals so that they can go on to shape the system and society that Africa needs.


Tech trainings for marginalised women in underserved communities

Start and Grow

Tech Entreprenuership training to build tech products.

Emerging Citizens

Governance training designed to equip Nigerian citizens to become involved in governance.

The Next Economy

Entreprenuership and Employability training for youths.

Tech for Governance

Training young women accross Nigeria to build tech tools that can improve governance


Entreprenuership training for marginalised population.

Our thematic areas

Rooted in a vision of empowerment and inclusivity, Aspilos Foundation strategically engages with various facets of social impact, contributing to the well-being and advancement of communities.

Aspilos Foundation pioneers initiatives that provide individuals and communities with the necessary tools and resources for financial self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial success.

With a commitment to transparency and civic education, Aspilos Foundation actively promotes ethical leadership and strengthens institutions to foster a framework of good governance that prioritizes social justice and equity.

Aspilos Foundation champions digital literacy, accessibility, and bridging the urban-rural digital divide to empower individuals in participating fully in the digital economy and accessing essential services.

Success Stories

Through a blend of innovation, collaboration, and dedicated effort, these success stories illuminate the path towards a more inclusive, equitable, and empowered future.

"Without any prior computer knowledge, i got into AboCoders and learnt the basics of computer, starting with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, HTML, CSS and Javascript, all of which where integral to me landing a job at NBC".
Deborah Hassan Yakubu
AboCoders, Kaduna
"With a little bit of Web Development background, I joined the Data Science track at AboCoders. AboCoders linked me up with a Web Development job due to my side experience with WordPress, which i took courageously while I enrolled for the Web Development track again to strengthen my skills.."
AboCoders, Abuja
"I joined AboCoders Web Development cohort in January 2022 and I learnt a lot. Through AboCoders, i also got the opportunity to participate in KSH Foundation's EveryGirl program which i was selected as a top fellow and won a laptop and linked with other opportunities.."
Aishat Jumoke
AboCoders, Abeokuta

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